Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Family Time Tuesday!

I live in the Mid-West where we have long cold winters. Last Winter I was panicked as to what I would do with my son all day for a couple months of cold weather, so I started researching and saving some ideas up. Here is a cheap and easy project that you can do with your little ones.

Shaker Bottle


* Clean, empty 16-ounce soda bottle with cap
* rice and/or pasta, beads, sequins etc.
* Glue gun or quick-bonding glue
* Paint(Optional)


1. Let your little one paint the rice and/or noodles if you choose to.
2. Make sure the soda bottle and painted rice/noodles you are using are clean
and dry.
2. Place colored rice or pasta into the bottle add other beads, sequins
or whatever else you choose and glue the cap on.
3. Little ones will love to see what's happening inside as they shake and
rattle their bottle.

And the best part is you may have plenty of stuff around the house to make one of these, so You won't even have to spend any money!!

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