Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family Time Tuesday - Holiday Cookie Idea

I was thumbing through a magazine the other day and came across a fantastic Christmas cookies Idea! This idea is so easy, that I think even my 20 month old son can have a fun time helping me. You start with a Nutter Butter Cookie as the face, then you attach chocolate chip eyes and M&M nose and use a twisted pretzel for the antlers. You just use plain frosting to attach these. So I thought this was such a great idea I wished I had thought of it myself. Then I started surfing the internet and found several different variations. You can make Nutter Butter Santa's. Take Nutter Butters and melted white almond bark. Dip both ends in the white chocolate. One end will be the beard and you will do nothing more to it. The other end you will place red sprinkles on and place a small mini marshmallow, place a dob of almond bark and place mini choc chip eyes and a red hot nose. So instead of mom's rushing around the kitchen to bake cookies for school or family or whatever, how about taking time to stop and let the kids help with this one!

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Sheri said...

Those cookies are so stinking cute!!! BTW, I tagged you...see my blog "I've Been Tagged" for more details!! lol ;-) Sheri