Thursday, November 13, 2008

I think my child is Amazing...and you should think yours is too!

Everyday after the three kids I babysit get picked up, Carson and I go out for a walk around the block. Weather permitting. A normal walk around the block would take oh, about five minutes. A Carson walk around the block can take upwards of thirty minutes! Sure, I have supper I could be getting ready, messes I could be cleaning, but I wouldn't pass up and opportunity to go for a walk with my son for the world and let me tell you why.

Everyday that we take one of these walks, I get to see the world through Carson's eyes and it's so incredibly amazing. I love watching him walk ahead of me as if he could go on that walk all by himself and not need me at all. It is amazing how independent he has become so quickly. As we walk, we stop to look at EVERYTHING. We look at ants on the sidewalk, twigs, leaves, birds, cars and animals. As we go he names everything for me and if we find something he doesn't know we repeat the word until he gets it. If there isn't anything to look at he always stops and points to the sky and says "KY" He points up to the trees and tells me trees. Yesterday he stopped and got this excited look on his face and said "CLOUDS!!" You could see he was quite proud of himself that he remembered what those were called. We watch the airplanes fly over and that is so exciting for him every single time. And after we can no longer see them, he asks for them in dissapointment. After a few minutes of telling him the plane went bye bye, he becomes ok with it and waves bye to the sky.

There is a spot on the sidewalk on our route that has a sort of pot hole. It's a small deep hole, I don't know how it got there, but Carson always remembers it is there and we always stop and discuss it. Two days ago we had snow and yesterday that hole was filled with water from the melted snow. Carson took his twig he had been carrying sat right down on the ground and prodeeded to paint on the sidewalk by dipping the stick in the water. When his drawings would dry and dissaper, he would look up at me with his jaw dropped. It was so magiacal to him, and very humorous to me!

Now I realize these stories may bore a reader who doesn't have children, but those of you that do, you know what I'm talking about. Carson may not be the the smartest child in the world, or the most coordinated or atheletic child ever, he may not have the worlds greatest sense of humor for a 20 month old. But, in my eyes he is all of these things and more. When I look at him I see the smartest, funniest, strongest 20 month old in the whole world! And isn't that they way it should be?


lwintermomof3 said...

Oh and how we hold onto those moments so tightly not wanting to let them go!!

Seeryus Mama said...

How they grow! I love those moments!!